Empowering Every Brain

Computerized glasses that automatically coach people with autism and other brain-related challenges

The only clinically-validated apps you can buy for life skills to empower people with autism

In one of our many apps, Emotion Charades™, the autistic adult or child looks through the glasses and sees an emoji floating on either side of the partner’s face, then tilts her/his head to chose the one that matches the facial expression for points and rewards. Meanwhile, the software automatically monitors game performance as well as body language or signs of stress.

Social-Emotional Learning

Our apps help your child or student learn social-emotional skills, master transitions, and connect with you. We know the soft skills are the hard skills™, and can help your child build skills for happy self-sufficiency.

Includes Google Glass

The $1500 wearable computer headset is included in your kit. Glass is an amazing computer. Use it for Empowered Brain and/or other purposes. 

Web Dashboard

The Empowered Brain web dashboard gives you rich data on your child or student. Generate progress graphs or automated IEP reports. It is a powerful platform.

Patents issued and pending worldwide since 2013.

Charity Donates $70,000 to Brain Power to Gift “Empowered Brain” to Families in Need

GoFAR’s Generous Donation May Help Your Family

Brain Power is excited to announce that a charity, GoFAR – Game on For Autism Research, has donated $70,000 to our company in order to provide Empowered Brain systems to families in need.

GoFAR supports world-leading scientific research and focuses on solutions that can help autistic people soon and in a practical way, which made Brain Power an ideal fit.

Accordingly, families chosen for this program will not only get the award-winning and cutting-edge Empowered Brain system at no cost, but will also be enrolled in Brain Power’s research program. If your family is selected, you will get access to technology you couldn’t otherwise afford, and you will be able to contribute to science!

Learn more, or apply to be one of the families, on the project page.

Click above to play a TV segment from PBS Newshour about us. Caption: Find out why a Mom cries tears of joy during a live clinical trial session of the Empowered Brain system by Brain Power…

Unlocking the Power of the Brain

Empowered Brain™, the flagship product of Brain Power, aims to empower children and adults all along the autism spectrum to teach themselves practical life skills, and assess their progress numerically.

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us; hear directly from families like yours or fellow teachers!

I’ve never seen Jack’s eye gaze be as intent and focused, as it has been with those glasses, in all his 18 years of life! “


Silicon Valley Bank, Mother of non-verbal young man on the spectrum

“It has worked out very well [in our school]. … They love it. … It also has not been a distraction. Even though I am spending some quality time with the student, before and after playing the game, I am able to address the other students as well.”


General Education Teacher, Plymouth, Massachusetts

“Typically with technology – iPad and iPhone – the child is looking down for the reward. With Brain Power, the child is looking up. And looking at you!”


Mother of a girl on the spectrum

“This student definitely has some attentional difficulties normally, but when he put those glasses on, he immediately started focusing. The hands went [here], his feet weren’t moving, and the focus was dead on.”


Special Education Teacher, Duxbury, Massachusetts

“I was getting a little emotional during your presentation [about Empower Me], because it’s THAT amazing to me”


Chief ABA Therapist for a full-service clinic

“I’ll never forget: I could see him getting excited, and feeling good about it.. Then he stood up and he put his arms up and he said, ‘I feel like I’ve broken out of an autism-free prison'”


Mom of a child on the spectrum

Our Philosophy

Assessment and Training in One

Most tools either assess a condition or try to improve it. Brain Power’s approach is to make systems that assess and train; and repeatedly monitor along the way to assess the training. We make integrated systems that are game-like, rapid, affordable, and based in neuroscience. The unprecedented depth of data intelligently fuels next generations of our systems.

Cutting-edge technology

Our products are based on neuroscience innovations and technological advances from MIT and Harvard. We are utilizing Glass, artificial intelligence, machine learning, therapeutic game principles, big data, and other technologies to uncover and surmount the secrets and challenges of the human brain in ways never before possible.

Brain and Heart

We believe in the transformative power of technology, yet at the core of all our products is the human-human experience. Technology should bring us together, and help us integrate with society and family, not pull us apart. Brain Power’s apps reward and encourage human interactions, and skills that make social interchange smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my unique child be able to wear it, and use it?

Likely yes. We have published multiple scientific research papers demonstrating that children and young adults on the autism spectrum find the Empowered Brain system easy to use, tolerable, engaging, safe, and desirable for use at home and at school. This includes young children and adults, verbal and non-verbal. Parents tell us routinely that they are surprised their child uses the computerized glasses, even if she/he doesn’t allow sunglasses. It is possible that it has something to do with the fact their generation are digital natives — and that sunglasses can’t turn the parents into cartoon characters, nor give the children points and microsuccesses!

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 15 days after delivery of your Empowered Brain system. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase as soon as we receive your headset. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. 

When will my Empowered Brain system arrive?

We are currently allowing the third wave of pre-orders for Empowered Brain. If your order is placed while this wave is open, your system will be delivered before the new school year starts in the fall. You will also receive multiple communications and updates before the delivery date. You will be able to follow the process closely and be included in the inside scoop on what is happening inside the magic factory at Brain Power! You will receive training videos and a quick-start training course online, to prepare your whole family or school staff to get the most out of Empowered Brain. 

My child wears glasses. Will this system work with her/his glasses.

Yes, in most cases Google Glass can fit over existing eyeglasses. Only very wide frames seem to get in the way. Also, depending on the prescription, she/he may be able to use Glass without glasses and still be able to see the image in the screen. 

Will my child/student get addicted to using Empowered Brain and be distant from the world?

Don’t worry! First of all, our software runs on a heads-up wearable computer (Glass). Unlike an iPad or smartphone, in which the users look down and avoid the world, with Empowered Brain they look up and into the world. In addition, our software encourages them to interact — indeed they can only achieve points and rewards by having social interractions with others.

Also, our philosophy is to slowly reduce the gamification elements as users improve on the skills each module teaches. That way, as they improve they get used to practicing the skill themselves with less and less assistance. Our goal is always self-sufficiency

Finally, we recommend using Empowered Brain with your child/student for 20-40 minutes per day. It is a fun, educational device designed for specific coaching sessions. It is not something that needs to be worn all the time. 

Parents and teachers have told us they feel more connected and in touch with their children than ever before.

Strategic Partners & Collaborators

Brain Power is delighted to enjoy strategic, friendly, and mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations with several organizations:

Example Partnership – Google

Brain Power is proud to be an official partner of Google: allowing us to to customize and re-sell Glass devices including the Enterprise Edition (2017) and the original Explorer edition. We also have access to newest developments in the Glass program (which is still actively continuing) and machine-learning.

See us on the official Glass Partners page at X, a company of Alphabet, Inc. (formerly Google)

This partnership grew out of an earlier relationship with Google built by Brain Power founder Dr. Ned T. Sahin in the early days of the Glass Explorers program.

The Empower Me system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

The Empowered Brain system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

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