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Wearable artificial-intelligence systems to aid people with brain-related challenges

Unlocking the Power of the Brain

Founded to address autism, Brain Power has evolved to offer tools and services for an expanding array of brain-related challenges.
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Autism affects 3.5 million families in the US alone. Each person is unique but many on the spectrum struggle with skills we all work to master, such as decoding emotions, managing transitions and behaviors, eye contact, conversation, etc. Through a heads-up wearable computer, we deliver gamified apps that motivate and reward users for social and cognitive learning.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

TBI is an invisible injury that can tragically disrupt personal and professional lives. Detection and intervention remain quite elusive, and slow and expensive. Our approach has won the backing of the US Government several times. We apply neuroscience, AI, and gamification to make practical solutions for this important human problem.

Support for Your Clinical Trials

If you are sponsoring or running clinical trials of drugs or devices that may have neural, psychological, or behavioral effects, our platforms can help. Work with us to create solutions for a.) monitoring brain-related effects, or b.) monitoring adherence to protocols and otherwise unknowable lifestyles factors that can affect your results.

Our Philosophy

Assessment and Training in One

Most tools either assess a condition or try to improve it. Brain Power’s approach is to make systems that assess and train; and repeatedly monitor along the way to assess the training. We make integrated systems that are game-like, rapid, affordable, and based in neuroscience. The unprecedented depth of data intelligently fuels next generations of our systems.

Cutting-edge technology

Our products are based on neuroscience innovations and technological advances from MIT and Harvard. We are utilizing Glass, artificial intelligence, machine learning, therapeutic game principles, big data, and other technologies to uncover and surmount the secrets and challenges of the human brain in ways never before possible.

Brain and Heart

We believe in the transformative power of technology, yet at the core of all our products is the human-human experience. Technology should bring us together, and help us integrate with society and family, not pull us apart. Brain Power’s apps reward and encourage human interactions, and skills that make social interchange smoother.

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The Empower Me system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

The Empower Me system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

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