A generous gift from GoFAR may enable your family to be Empowered!

Children and young adults around the world love the Empowered Brain system.
Would you like it for your family, but struggle to afford it?

The GoFAR Family Assistance Program at Brain Power

From Their Hearts to Your Brain!

An autism-focused charity founded by a teenager with incredible heart, GoFAR (Game on For Autism Research) has donated $70,000 to our company: to try to empower you!

If you are a family in significant financial need, and believe you would benefit from Empowered Brain™, please fill out the “Initial Interest Form” below.

The Process

Families in need who fill the Initial Interest Form may be contacted for a further application process. The second-stage application process is a little more in-depth (we need enough info to decide fairly on which families to assist), yet you will be happy to know it is a fairly quick process (we have tons of empathy for how long most grant and government processes take, and we want to do better).

Families chosen based on the second-stage application will qualify for the Empowered Brain system (including Google Glass) at zero cost, and will be invited to participate in scientific research. When and if the relevant paperwork is finalized, the family will officially join the GoFAR-Brain Power program and receive all the benefits.

About the Parties

For more about GoFar, and their teenage founder Jamie Menhall, please visit the GoFAR site.

If you are relatively new to Empowered Brain, we invite you to explore this site, including the main Brain Power page, and the Empowered Brain product page.

Initial Interest Form

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Is this for someone with autism (or related brain condition)? YesNoDon't Know
Do you have significant need for financial assistance? YesNoDon't Know
Do you qualify for state or federal financial assistance programs? YesNoDon't Know
Are you eager to help our scientific research? YesNoDon't Know


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