The Brain Power System – Autism Suite

Brain Power - Children with Autism wearing Google Glass and using Brain Power's software. Ned Sahin.

Children all over the autism spectrum love to engage with the Empowered Brain™ Suite, and Google Glass.

Software Based
The Empowered Brain™ tools are software apps that run on Google Glass. In some cases we modify Glass by adding our custom hardware accessory pack.
Quantitative Data
The tools record behavioral and performance data, and bodily signals; process them; and give intuitive, simple, gamified feedback to the wearer, caregiver, or physician.
Flexible Configuration
Glass can be worn by the child (when possible) or the caregiver or both, and works with smart phone or watch devices. Flexible and part of an ecosystem.
Maximizing Glass
Glass is not a toy. It is a sophisticated computer and connected device with sensors built right in. We have patent-pending ways to turn it into a bio-sensing device.

Disclaimer: We do not treat or cure any disease nor provide medical diagnosis or therapy. We offer personal empowerment products that provide useful information and coaching to people who use them, based on neuroscience innovations and technological advances from MIT and Harvard.

We take an approach that embraces the state of the art in neuroscience and neurotechnology, and yet centers on the human nature of social interactions and other challenges. We collect and harness numerical brain-based and behavioral data scientifically and rigorously, yet we interact with the child and family based on insights and answers they can readily understand. We aim to provide hope, clarity, understanding, social integration, and community.

What We Address
Autism is a complex spectrum that no one fully understands yet; and each person is unique. We have identified 4 key educational challenges that face many children on the spectrum, and focused our tools on them:
Social Interactions
Social interactions are crucial for self-sufficiency but maddeningly difficult for some ASD children. Our tools measure and assist: understanding emotions from facial and body language, recognizing emotionally important events, social eye contact, and more.
Delays in language learning cost dearly in education and socialization. Using neuroscience and cutting edge tech, we provide ways to increase motivation and learning of language, based on the actual learning style: of ASD children in general, and then tuned to the specific user.
Behavior Control
Autism often involves repetitive behaviors. These may have long-term impact on self-sufficiency, though ironically they may provide short-term comfort. We focus on managing underlying distress and sensory overload; and on learning to control behaviors when desired.
Category Formation
Many people with ASD have difficulty arriving at abstract categories like “ball” or “dog” or “happy” rather than individual snapshots of experience for each. Our fourth category of tools measure and assist the forming of stable and accurate semantic categories.
How We Help
Our tools work in three distinct modes, for three complementary purposes:
1 • Initial Assessment
First-time assessments of autism symptom and feature severity. In-home (or school-based) assessment allows privacy, repeatable numerical precision, and a rapid and secure answer.
2 • Ongoing Monitoring
Ongoing assessments after the initial one. Plot progress and inform the child, family, teacher, school and/or doctor. Can also quantify progress during an autism-related clinical trial.
3 • Coaching and Training
The third mode for all our apps is Intervention:: Coaching, guidance, training, telepresence, education. We provide a gamified and fun way for a child to work toward self-sufficiency.
1-3: A Combined Approach
By combining these, Brain Power provides a holistic solution for many of the unmet needs. For instance, a single gamified experience can identify, monitor, and help overcome a deficiency.