Autism is a spectrum.
It affects different people to different degrees.
It also affects them in different ways – perhaps it is a multi-dimensional spectrum; or really a loose cluster.
However, everyone who is affected shares something in common: latent brain power that is partially masked by unique styles of learning and interacting.
We chose the name Brain Power, LLC to always keep at the foreground that we are working to unlock that untapped power.
As mentioned above, we are producing the Empowered Brain™ Autism Suite. We are also launching a research arm of the company, to do fundamental-science (also called basic-science), in collaboration with faculty members at MIT and Harvard. We aim to publish papers that directly contribute to the useful knowledge about the underlying nature of autism spectrum disorders and how to maximally leverage the power of the autistic brain.
If even some of the people and families affected by autism are assisted, to some degree, we will be happy. And encouraged to keep doing much more!

one in 68

• 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism now in America

• The reported prevalence is steeply on the rise in recent years (indeed, it is the fastest-growing developmental disability).

• Over 3.5 million Americans live with autism, including 1.1 million children.

• Boys are nearly 5 times as likely as girls to have autism.

• Autism has taken on pandemic proportions, given the number of people involved and the rate of increase.

• The prevalence and increase are as baffling as they are staggering. Many ideas float around, but we do not know the causes yet.

• The average age of first diagnosis is over 4 years. This is astounding, because autism can be diagnosed at 4 MONTHS, and perhaps even at birth with the newest methods.

• Early intervention is crucial. This is a developmental disorder, which affects language and socialization. Children who are not diagnosed and treated early lose crucial years for learning these skills and are tragically less likely to get through schooling or achieve self-sufficiency.

• At Brain Power, we believe there is incredible power and beauty to the autistic mind, and tremendous amounts to offer to society and self, but that the characteristic symptoms and features of autism impose a significant burden. That is why we wish to help get some of the challenges out of the way, while preserving and indeed unlocking the person’s true potential and personality! Given the numbers above, we see this as a societal challenge — the world community stands to benefit if people on the autism spectrum receive categorically better and reproducible assessment, education, and engaging tools to learn life skills. This will unlock a roadmap to greater personal and societal contribution and happiness.

autism costs

• The cost of supporting children with autism is estimated at ~$60 Billion in the US, per year.

• For adults the cost is over $200 Billion, yearly.

• The average lifetime cost of caring for a person with autism in the US is $2.5 Million.

• These numbers do not even factor in the opportunity cost of lost or missed employment of the person with autism, which would be astronomical and almost incalculable.

• Costs can be resuced an estimated 2/3 simply by dagnosing autism early and administering even the standard care.

At Brain Power, our focus is on the practical: early intervention and high-quality, low-cost care.
Due to today’s brain sciences and advanced technologies, this has never been more possible!
We aim to apply our innovations to inform families so that they, in consultation with their doctors, can achieve a much earlier diagnosis; and then to provide them with engaging tools that go well beyond the standard care.

Temple Grandin

TEMPLE GRANDIN, the most well-known person with autism, is one of our heros. The Brain Power team has enjoyed and been fascinated by our long discussions with her; and her thinking (and books) have deeply influenced our approach and offerings. She also very much enjoyed trying on and wearing Google Glass and the Brain Power System at length, in multiple settings. Dr. Grandin has a web site with lots of resources: http://www.templegrandin.com/

WHAT IS NORMAL FOR YOUR CHILD: This page from the CDC has invaluable info on what your child should do at each stage of life.

GOOGLE has been a strong supporter of Brain Power’s work, and an unofficial partner, since the very beginning. This makes us particularly proud and happy because Google stands out among all companies for launching a stunning array of humanitarian and morally good initiatives, even those that cannot bring profit. For instance, they have an enormous and burgeoning program for families touched by autism and related special needs; and they have rolled out a wide array of grants to foundations and companies with products or services for people with special needs. Additionally, they have partnered with Autism Speaks, using their enormous computing capability to churn through genomics data from thousands of people with autism, to try to unravel the genetic mysteries of condition. Read more here.

MARTHA HERBERT, a doctor and prominent researcher at Harvard Medical School has been researching and writing about autism for decades, and maintains a web site with resources and publications here. Her acclaimed book, published by Harvard Medical School, is available from Amazon here

ERIC COURCHESNE runs the Autism Center of Excellence in San Diego as part of the UC San Diego School of Medicine. They do extensive scientific research into Autism and maintain many informational and scholarly resources here.


Brain Power, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company incorporated by Inc Now. We warmly recommend their services.