“BE YOURSELF” Clinical Trial – World’s First Wearable Classroom for Autism

Please sign up below, if you or a family member are on the spectrum and are interested in participating in our Clinical Trial, the “BE YOURSELF” study! If you qualify, you will be contacted to schedule a testing day.
(“BE YOURSELF” stands for Brain Empowerment: Youth-Oriented Unconstrained Reality for Social Engagement and Lifeskills Formation).

Brain Power has made the world’s first comprehensive wearable system for autism. The Brain Power system empowers children and adults all along the autism spectrum to teach themselves life skills crucial for self-sufficiency. We address a range of skills including emotion decoding, eye contact, speech, conversation skills, behavior and self-regulation, avoiding stress and meltdowns, and many more! Empower Every Brain!

Please fill our contact form to learn more about this Trial and the project / product in general. Thank you!

A Heartfelt TV Coverage of one of our Clinical Trial Sessions:

Brain Power System in action:

Description and screenshots of what a child might see while looking at an adult using our software

This is just one of our dozen or more apps.
For further info please contact us.

Parents find that Brain Power software helps their children engage with the world and express themselves.

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