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Thank you for your interest in previewing the newest autism technology!
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Our visits last 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the visit type and your availability.
All you need to provide is a venue and some help attracting an audience.
See the bottom of the page for a brief video that gives the flavor of one of our school visits.




1. Type of Organization:  

2. How many participants do you have?   
(For a school, ‘participants’ are the students; For a parents meetup group, the parents; For a clinic, the patients; For other groups, the membership.)

3. How many staff do you have?   
(Teachers, clinicians, organizers, general staff, etc.)

4. How many participants / families have an Autism Spectrum Disorder?   

5. Which type(s) of visit would most interest/suit you?      Classroom(s) Visit      Lecture and Demonstration      Virtual Visit (Videoconference)

6. Do you a physical facility, where we do the visit? (If not, can you arrange one?)      Yes      No

7. Do you allow photo/video at your location?      Yes      No      Details:  

8. How many people would you estimate might attend?   

9. Do you operate during July and August (when we might visit)?   

10. How much advance notice do you need to schedule a vist?   

11. How did you hear about Brain Power?   


12. Any Comments / Questions / Thoughts?

Video of a School Visit

The video below tells one particular story but also gives a flavor of our classroom visits.

We will be making a series of videos as we tour – if you want, we can also tell your story.

Brain Power Overview and Presentation

The next video is of our founder, Dr. Ned T. Sahin, giving a talk about our technology — one of several keynote lectures he has given at Google.
This may help you envision a lecture-style visit to your organization.
(Our visit to your group would be less formal and more interactive than the keynote lecture in this video.)

Thank You!

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