Brain Power’s Acclaimed Autism Software is Coming to Illinois!

This summer, we are driving in an RV from our Boston headquarters all the way to our San Francisco office — stopping in Illinois to connect with communities like yours along our path, and to showcase a new family of apps that parents and professionals are calling a “breakthrough for autism”. If your school or group would like to have an exclusive, private preview as we make our way through your region, see below for more details or sign up ASAP.

Brain Power has developed the world’s only suite of autism-related apps for Google Glass and other “heads-up” wearable computers. Our technology empowers people with autism to teach themselves lifelong social and communication skills, while giving parents frequent, numerical reports on their progress.

Our technology is based in brain science and clinical insight from Harvard, MIT, and Massachusetts General Hospital and has been featured by over 150 media outlets. The Brain Power team has won international awards, and will soon begin clinical trials at Harvard Medical School.

This project underscores an enduring thread of Brain Power’s work, namely that technology and cognitive science can alleviate human suffering and make the world a better place. — Dr. Steven Pinker, Professor, Harvard Dept. of Psychology, and Best-Selling Author

It’s time people see the potential in the autism community, and I am talking about investment and business potential. — Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor, Best-Selling Author, and Worldwide Advocate for Autism.

Brain Power CEO, Dr. Ned Sahin, has spoken in dozens of cities and countries, including at the United Nations, Autism Speaks, Harvard, Stanford, and Google. More importantly, he cares deeply about addressing the complex challenges that families touched by Autism face each day.
He would be honored to present to your group. Apply here.

What Experts are Saying:

As a former educator of students with special needs, and a person of color, I know that many families touched by autism have tremendous challenges that the medical and even educational systems cannot fully address, especially those families who already have much stacked against them. Technology can level the playing field, by giving ALL students access, even at home, to the educational tools that will help them succeed. Brain Power's system, for instance, allows a child anywhere to educate him/herself toward self-sufficiency, and to benefit from the big data and learnings of all children in the system.

Rafiq Abdus-Sabur Education Expert, Former Educator June 28, 2015

What Parents & Children are Saying:

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My dad, who is a pediatrician, and was watching the live stream of the event from home last night, remarked that you have a clinical understanding of autism that most physicians do not possess.

Massachusetts Parent June 27, 2015

Video of a School Visit

How YOU Can Help:

BE ON THE TOUR: You can apply to have our nationwide tour include your group, town, school, university, meet-up group, employer of people with autism, or other entity.
If chosen, you will get to preview our software on Google Glass this summer, long before the general release.
Our itinerary is nearly set and needs to be finalized within days – please contact us asap.
Apply To Be Part Of The EmpowerUS Tour!

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