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We are in the final sprint of the crowdfunding campaign — Only a few days left!

Parents from around the world have purchased the Empower Me system, and have written heartfelt letters of appreciation for our work. However, so many more are not yet aware of this game-changing system that could help their children. You can help bring it to them, and you can share in the joy.

[Thank you! You helped bring us from $110,000 to $126,000 in the final 2 days. That represents many families we now will have the opportunity to serve, whom we didn’t know before. Thank you for empowering us to empower them! ]



If you cannot readily find our campaign page you can link to it HERE.


  • Please read the full CAMPAIGN SITE so you know where you are sending people and so you can answer some questions
  • Questions that are difficult or sensitive:
  • But definitely do read through the campaign site — there is a wealth of information there. Also, you will notice things like the oddities and limitation of the Indiegogo platform, and that it is really no good to view the campaign site on a phone – which you can tell your contacts.
  • You can also send people to our Autism Page for more info, but the likelihood that they will do all the clicks necessary to get over to the campaign page and make a purchase is lower.




Some ways others have spread the word:

Feel free to adapt and use, for your winning strategy!




  • Posts on Facebook and LinkedIn (you can use your unique link)
  • Posts in autism-specific groups on social media
  • Email the broad list of your friends and contacts
  • Email specific contacts who have autism in their families.
  • Email specific contacts who may wish to sponsor a family, or a future employee with autism. Follow up with them, since the deadline is so soon.
  • Email specific contacts with large networks or followings they could ping.
  • Contact the press – get an article written using your custom referral link.
  • Contact directors and board members of local chapters of autism organizations such as The Arc, Autism Speaks, and others.
  • Look up newsletters on web sites of autism-specific schools, for lists of their past donors. Contact them via LinkedIn.
  • Google for lists of senators, CEOs, actors, or whichever influencer group. Then Google each name and the word “autism” to find ones with a family connection. Then try to contact.
  • Reach out to BCBA’s, OT’s, SLP’s, and others who may want to add high tech solutions to their practice. For instance search “BCBA” on LinkedIn. Or just Google any of the terms and find their web sites and contact forms. 
  • Reach out to teachers, principals, superintendents who can immediately authorize new technology in their classrooms.


Check back occasionally – I may add information here to help you.




If you want to get fancy:




  • You can actually make links directly to the perks, so your contacts don’t have wade through the complexity of the Indiegogo platform. 
  • For instance, here is one to the $290 perk (down-payment or incremental payments):
  • However, you must replace the last number (not the first one) with the unique number you got from the steps above. And please be careful not to change the other parts of the link or it won’t work. 
  • Here is a link template for the $1110 heavily-discounted (sponsored) complete system.
  • For generous contacts, here is the perk that lets someone sponsor 5 families ($7500)
  • For even more generous contacts, here is the one that sponsors a new autistic team member at Brain Power for half a year ($22,500 — Brain Power fills in any salary difference). 

Some Useful Graphics

These summarize basic answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to share.





Some Videos to Share

Several explanatory videos are listed below. Feel free to use them in your outreach. The YouTube address for each is listed, for you to share with others. Next the video itself is embedded here, for you to review.

Shareable Link for Video:

Info: This is the main video for our crowdfunding campaign. Since it is already on the Indiegogo page, you would probably want people to see it there. (Though you may have to explicitly tell them to watch the video. We have found that mostly people come to the campaign but don’t watch the video – based on the statistics.)

Shareable Link for Video:

Info: PBS Newshour covered a live clinical trial session at Brain Power, and during it the Mom started crying tears of cathartic joy when she felt categorically more connected to her child than ever before.

Shareable Link for Video:

Info: Video from a professional autism clinic in Missouri, with many shots of children using the Brain Power software and the clinic directors explaining why it is an important advance. This was part of our tour of the country by RV, where the CEO and some team members visited families in many states including West Virginia and Tennessee, to immerse themselves in the stories of real-life autism.

Shareable Link for Video:

Info: TV coverage of Brain Power. This was from a show on an MSNBC network. It is one minute so it is a nice short one to share.

Shareable Link for Video:

Info: CEO Dr. Ned Sahin giving a full-length keynote lecture on the Brain Power technology and method in early 2015. This was an invited lecture at Google co-hosted by MedTech Boston. This was one of 9 invited lectures hosted or co-hosted by Google where Ned gave a keynote.

The Empower Me system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

The Empower Me system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

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