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We will supply any needed contact lists and instructions!
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  • This page will be the hub for the POWER TRIBE – specific and tangible ways to help, and resources like lists of people to contact, will appear here soon.
  • Why Crowdfund?
    1. The “crowd” is as important to us as the “fund” – how many hundreds or even thousands of new families might we connect with this way, to begin our relationship with them? (there are 3.5 million just in the US.)
    2. If we fuel the company this way, we can remain completely mission-forward, whereas venture capitalists (VC’s) would have their own objectives (mostly quick money). Let’s demonstrate how much the world cares!
  • PRESS coverage is the most efficient way to reach those who can benefit. Thus, any help convincing journalists and TV shows is hugely appreciated.
  • Meanwhile please share our Campaign Page PREVIEW with friends. (
  • Stay tuned for more instructions on how to help.

The whole family feels closer and empowered, using the Empower Me system!
(Note: you do not need multiple Empower Me devices for a family in most cases.)

Tears of joy during a clinical trial session captured live by PBS Newshour, as a Mom realizes she feels connected to her son in a way she never has before!

Company Party. At Brain Power, our team members and interns work very hard, but we also like to get out and have fun!

Children of many ages, genders, family origins, and functioning levels have enjoyed the system.

The Empower Me system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

The Empower Me system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

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