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“Brain Power”, a Neuro-Technology Startup focused on autism, is recruiting Interns in Health Communications, Video & Photo Editing, Social Media, Graphics & Design.

Our powerhouse team at Brain Power is pushing the boundaries of what is thought to be possible in the autism field, and with smartglasses like Google Glass and other headsets. As a neuroscience-based startup, we are combining smartglasses with our patent-pending “Empowered Brain” software to help children with autism, and to give hope to their families.

Our work has already been featured by Google, Autism Speaks, TechCrunch, Wired, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, Boston Globe, and numerous other organizations. As our team expands beyond our core engineering and clinical teams, we have the perfect learning opportunity for arts and communications interns to join us and help us to empower the 1 in 68 children who have autism in the United States.


So what’s so cool about Brain Power?


An Awesome Team

We are a team of leading neuroscientists, neurologists, psychiatrists, engineers, business strategists, and of course superhero team members who aim to TRANSFORM the opportunities for children with autism and their families. Check out some of the team members on our main web page. You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from these Harvard and MIT trained experts, and you will liaise directly with our CEO, Dr. Ned T. Sahin, and our VP of Health Strategy and Communications, Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh. Dr. Sahin is in our Cambridge, MA headquarters, and Dr. Vahabzadeh leads our San Francisco office.

Cutting Edge Equipment

We live and breathe the latest technology, like Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens, Structure 3D scanner, spherical cameras, 3D printers, and our own custom hardware & software. We design, build, 3-D print, and create the next generation of possibilities, completely in-house. We will give our interns the opportunity to become familiar with the technology that they will be tweeting, posting, and circulating in their circles.


Apply your talents to a humanitarian mission, and be part of a positive impact on society. At Brain Power, our currency is smiles, and “Vitamin H” … Hope!

Each day exciting things happen around here. Please see the video below from PBS Newshour when they covered part of our Clinical Trial – and the Mom broke down crying when she suddenly felt more connected with her own child than ever before.


A Heartfelt Video on PBS Newshour — from one of our Clinical Trial Sessions.

Location, Location, and Food!

We are based in Kendall Square inside the wonderful Cambridge Innovation Center, the hub of Boston’s startup scene. We are across the street from the Red Line T stop (Kendall), and have a large parking garage and bike racks right inside our building, and a Hubway shared-bike stop out front. Some of your work can be done remotely, and when onsite, you will have 24/7 access to free snacks (lots!), gourmet coffee, teas, sodas, other drinks, ice cream, etc. The building has a fantastic vibe, happy/social hour events, shower rooms, massage and yoga (the only things not free), and funky workspaces with cool views over the river.

Also, you will have access to Google Glass, other technology, color and B&W printing and faxing (unlimited), 3D printing (limited), conference rooms, videoconference and projection setups, maker/hack space and tools, and much more.

High Visibility

Brain Power is in the press often, and our team members get noticed. Last year, Emerson did an article on two of our interns, Taylor McMahon and Jackson Davis. Click the image below for the full article.



We have also been featured in 200+ press articles including: The Boston Globe, WIRED,KQED, TechCrunch, CBS TV, NBC TV, Huffington Post, Economic Times, Autism Speaks – UN Keynote, MedTech, Autism Speaks – about Brain Power, MIT Sloan, Huffington Post 2, MSN, and many more (for a fuller list, see our press page).

Be at the vanguard of two revolutions

Brain Power is positioned at the cutting edge of revolutions in wearable computers, and mobile/connected health. Importantly, we are also on a humanitarian mission, to transform a condition that is on everybody’s minds these days.

Be a part of Brain Power — a dynamic, fun, intelligent group of women and men who have a great time making a big difference!


DEADLINES — Apply immediately because interviews are scheduled on a rolling basis.

Who is Brain Power Looking For?


Due to continuing growth, we are looking to recruit interns in Health Communications, Video & Photo Editing, Social Media, Graphics & Design. Successful intern candidates will be energetic, with plenty of “Brain Power”, and can-do / will-do attitude.

Successful “Health Communications” and “Social Media” candidates will not only be savvy with social media (at least 3 out of: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, G+) but will have already established their own media presence and voice on these platforms.

We are looking for people who have an excellent grasp of written and spoken language. Additionally, our interns will love learning about the latest technology, discussing topics with our experts, and doing some of their own research. Interns will be flexible and will be expected to be able to write, post, and share content in a manner that will improve our visibility & engagement.

Applicants for “Video & Photo Editing” and “Graphics & Design” positions should be highly proficient with relevant Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) applications. Photo editors should be masters of Photoshop. Graphics applicants should be masters of Illustrator and Photoshop. Video editors should be masters of Premiere and After Effects.

We have part-time and fulltime positions. We expect each part-time intern to be able to work for at least 14 hours each week, ideally evenly distributed.


Video or Photo Editor
You must be expert at non-linear video editing and have mastered Premiere CC; or be expert at editing photos with Photoshop, respectively. You should have developed an artistic style, and be ready to share your portfolio with us. You will have access to 5+ TB of video and images from 2 years of bringing our autism software tools to families around the country and testing it with their children. From this, you will get to produce promotional videos, GIFs, transitions, extracted and edited images, and other assets – for our web site, social media, instructional materials, core educational apps, outreach, and more. You will refine your skills with Adobe products and learn the pace and needs of a fast-moving startup; and will have the opportunity to attend relevant training sessions and events.
Social Media
You must be highly personable and have strong writing skills, be detail orientated, and have an ability to multitask. You will help develop and distribute content for our social media platforms, including our website, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Google+ accounts. You will assist in engaging key media thought leaders and promote public awareness of the company. You will also help to develop our social media strategy, and contribute to other media projects. You will get to know the backend and analytics packages of these social media sites. You will have the opportunity to attend relevant training sessions and events to bolster your skills.
Health Communications
You should have some scientific or medical writing background, and be an exceptionally quick study! Great interpersonal and communications skills are a must. You will have the opportunity to help plan, develop and promote important autism, neuroscience, and Brain Power related materials for a wide range of audiences. You will be able to contribute to highly engaging blog posts, press releases, materials on our website, and social media feeds, and for other media engagements. You will have the opportunity to attend relevant training sessions and events to bolster your skills.
Graphics & Design
You must be highly proficient in design and must be masterful at implementing designs in vector (Illustrator) and raster (Photoshop) packages. You will be able to create or edit some of the core materials we use to communicate with families, with media, and with the world — for instance fliers, banners, web assets, social media posts, icons, patent drawings, technical diagrams, scientific figures, and/or more. You will have a crucial role in communicating our work. You will further refine your skills with Adobe products and learn the pace and needs of a fast-moving startup; and you will have the opportunity to attend relevant training sessions and events.

Email if you have questions, need more time, or are interested in a full-time or summer position.

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