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Who we are

Brain Power, LLC, is a neuroscience-based tech startup with offices in Kendall Sq and San Francisco, founded by an MIT alum (Course 9), that makes software (and some hardware) to help children with autism. Our software runs on smartglasses such as Google Glass or competing headsets from Epson, Intel and others. Our apps do things like give children prompts as to what other people are feeling; deliver videogame-like coaching on eye contact; tutor reading skills; help them reduce repetitive motor behaviors; give parents numerical progress reports, and alerts when the child is about to have a meltdown or wander off; and much more.

A Worthy Challenge

As you can imagine, this requires, for instance, realtime face-detection, emotional expression decoding, machine learning, accelerometry-based head motion monitoring, physiological monitoring, fast graphics, on-device and cloud-based computing, data science, etc – thus this project is technically challenging, fun, and of great humanitarian impact. We are a mentorship-focused company (with internship programs for high school, college, and graduate students), and we are committed to research and deeper understanding. We take the best and the brightest, and we give opportunities for solid growth.

East Coast, West Coast, and Flexible Hours

For externships, summer jobs, and full-time, you can work at our Headquarters (across the street from MIT, in Kendall Square) or at our West Coast office (San Francisco, in the center of the action). The West Coast office is in the UploadVR Collective, the hot new co-working space superintended by Robert Scoble, the most prominent tech blogger, and is expected to be where game-changing AR/VR companies will emerge from in coming years. You can work part of the summer/year at one office, part at the other.

Procedure: For 6.100 students, you will generate a brief 2-page research proposal based on a project decided with your interviewer. (This happens after you apply and if you pass your interview, and usually takes very little time). At the end of the semester you will submit a project report that will grow naturally out of your project logbook. The class counts for a letter grade on your transcript.
For Externship, be sure to apply on the MIT Externship site as well as here.

Select Brain Power press coverage

An MIT Poster-Child Project

MIT loves what we are doing. You will too. Resonating with the MIT moto, mens et manus, we let you take what you learned in class and apply it to the real world in a truly hands-on way. We have long-standing collaborations with Sloan, Course 6, Course 9, and the Externship program. In 2015, MIT’s own publicity pamphlets and video for the Externship program featured Brain Power. The experience of our whole team of Externs was apparently highly enjoyable and growthful. Find out why, in their video embedded below.Really, please watch it!

MIT Externs 2015

Brain Power – MIT Externship Program Expands

In January 2016, and then January 2017, we hosted successively larger groups of Externs, and they made an amazing contribution while reportedly having an amazing time. We could not be more proud to count these young women and men as members for life of the Brain Power Family. Do you know some of them?

MIT Externs 2017

MIT Externs 2016

Please watch this video!

A Heartfelt Video of one of our Clinical Trial Session – on PBS Newshour!

We organized the skills we need under four broad categories.
A good candidate may have several (but very unlikely all) specific skills listed in a category.
Android coders are particularly likely to be selected.




    • • Android Coding•
    • • Unity Coding•
    • • 3D Design / Blender •
    • • Google Glass Dev •
    • Full-stack web incl AngularJS
    • Systems Engineering
    • OpenCV
    • Matlab & Python
    • App Design & Support
    • UI & UX Design
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    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Fiber Optics
    • Applied Optics
    • EEG & Physiology Monitoring
    • 3D Printing
    • Laser Cutting
    • Machining
    • Wearables
    • PCB Layout
    • Internet of Things
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    • • Video Editing •
    • • Web Front-End •
    • IT & Tech Support
    • Machine Learning
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • CAD (Solidworks)
    • Technical & Patent Drawing
    • Data & Signal Analysis
    • Knowledge Management
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    • • Science Writing •
    • • Clinical Trials Coord. •
    • Social Media
    • Graphics & Design
    • Branding
    • Salesforce & Data Entry
    • Customer Research
    • Literature & Market Search
    • Patent Search
    • Team & Task Management
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Externship mandatory start is 9am on day 2 of IAP, and is fulltime M-F.

If accepted, my commitments as of now would allow me to continue as:
Externship6.100 - Coming SemesterSummerFulltimePostdoc
Candidates who could stay longer may be preferred.

Category:    SoftwareHardwareOther TechNon-Tech
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This form is focused on coding/tech positions. If you are applying for non-technical,
don't worry about not having many of the skills listed.
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3D Animation:

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Schematic of One of our Apps

“Emotion Game” app. A sense of what a person might see through Google Glass while looking at the world. The wearer chooses the correct emotion with a quick head nod.

A Rising Star

We have gained traction with Google and with the US Government, receiving grants from each. The press have also been extremely interested: featuring us in over 200 press articles including: The Boston Globe, WIRED,KQED, TechCrunch, CBS TV, NBC TV, MIT SOLVE, Huffington Post, Economic Times, Autism Speaks – UN Keynote, MedTech, Autism Speaks – about Brain Power, MIT Sloan, Huffington Post 2, MSN, and many more (for a fuller list, see our press page).
We have also received many awards including “50 on Fire” (BostInno’s top businesses in Massachusetts), finalist in 4 competitions at South by Southwest, the ANCA Naturally Autistic Scientific Achievement Award, Cynopsis Media child-related app award (competitors included PBS Kids and Nickelodeon), and others.


Brain Power System for Autism

GLASS future; and platform-independence

In case you have heard mixed messages about Google Glass, the WIRED article also helps clarify: Glass has a strong future, especially in enterprise applications and for applications like ours. We are very very close with Google and know more than almost any other company about the future of the product lines. We are in their enterprise partnership program and have access to any and all unreleased and future devices they are making. That being said, we are platform-independent and our software can run on others in the emerging crop of smart glasses. You will get access to an array of head-mounted wearables: from Hololens to Vuzix to Recon Jet to Epson BT-200 and BT-300 to Optinvent Ora-2 to Meta.

Clinical Trials

We have two clinical trials open and running. You may have opportunities to get closely involved and see the impact of your work directly on the children, and their families.

See Brain Power in action!

In 2015, the CEO and some team members toured the US in an RV and visited families and care centers around the nation, including places like West Virginia and Tennessee. The Brain Power System was extremely successful, out in real-world tests like these. The video below is from one stop we made, in Missouri, and we are proud to let the autism professionals and families speak for themselves:

How YOU can get involved

Heavily rooted in academia, and in MIT in particular, Brain Power is offering independent projects and apprentice-style learning opportunities to current students, even undergrads. This is a very rare opportunity to apply your skills to a humanitarian problem while still in school, to experience life in a fast-moving startup, to learn more about Android coding or other applied skills, and to interface with entities like Google, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Autism Speaks, and Stanford who are our partners.

• • Work in a hot startup while getting an MIT education? • •
Now THAT is how to get the most out of the firehose!


Independent Projects
Rare opportunity for MIT undergrads. You will earn a letter grade (on transcript as 6.100). Weekly schedule (and time commitment) roughly equivalent to a class — but at a startup. Learn a skill; own a project!
Grad Student Part-time
More advanced projects for more advanced students. Some competitive paid positions are available. Supervise interns. Build your résumé. See a project to completion, and maybe to the market!
Industrial Postdocs
Fulltime paid positions with advanced responsibilities. Be a manager and maker. Get vibrant industry experience yet a résumé title that fits with either an academic or industry narrative!
Intermittent or part-time tasks or services. Paid hourly or by project (agreed up front). Category for those that don’t fit in other categories. Flexible but less of a training component.

You will work closely with the Brain Power founder and team, in teams and individually, in our new offices as well as remotely. Be on the cutting edge of two revolutions – wearable computers, and mobile/connected health. Work in a small company, take on big projects, see kids smiling at their parents because of your software!

Offices are in the CIC building at One Broadway — nearly on MIT campus and a couple blocks from Google. It is an extremely fun building with food, coffee, teas, soda, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and other snacks all the time (yup, 24/7!), a fantastic vibe, happy/social hour events, and funky workspaces with cool views if you want to work outside our offices.

You will have access to Hololens, Google Glass and other devices — including the other AR headsets mentioned above, as well as VR devices, Amazon Echo, Vico VR (like Kinect), and much more. Also, unlimited color printing, 3D printing, maker/hack space and tools (onsite and more extensive offsite), and more.

Future employers will greatly value letters of reference from the CEO of a company where you interned on a close dynamic team, more than from a professor of a 100+-student class for instance. Likewise, you will learn your skills so much better for being able to apply what you see in the classroom directly to problems in the real world. You will have a tangible chunk of a project, and you can take charge of it. Go many steps further than simply a lab class or project – step into the real world and put your knowledge into action, to help real people.

To begin the application, email us or fill the web form above.

Be a part of Brain Power — a dynamic, fun, intelligent group of women and men who have a great time making a big difference!

Some examples of free food that is always available at the Brain Power offices.







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