Testing Brain Power’s software for Google Glass — for the first time.

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Meet Billy. Billy tried on Google Glass for the first time only a few minutes before this video was taken. His parents weren’t sure he would take to it, but he did, right away!
Watch as Billy tries it on cautiously, then realizes he can see some cool things in the tiny computer screen on Glass. He is immediately engaged with our software, and yet still looking up and into the world (unlike with an iPad).
Slowly, a precious smile curls up on his lips as he gets more engrossed. Then his father asks him to look his way – Billy does so and suddenly he is seeing his Dad, and also seeing a whole new world! What Billy sees inside Glass is a view of the world but with everyone’s faces turned into fun cartoons, for instance Angry Birds! This is just one of the fun modes that our tools provide.
Billy looks at his Dad, then quickly at his Mom, and all of a sudden he is excited and happy and in the moment, with his parents.
In other modes of the software, for instance, Billy would see emoticons and words that decode the emotions of the people he is looking at, based on their facial expressions.

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Now Billy is exploring his world actively, wearing Google Glass and using the Brain Power Empowered Brain ™ suite of software. He is still using the “Angry Birds” cartoonified-faces mode, and loving it.
His dad puts Glass on him, and tells him to play while looking his way. Billy is delighted as he runs and is able to be in the world with his dad, and yet also have his private play world to himself.
His dad asks him, “Is that cool, do you like that?” and Billy exclaims “Yes!”.

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