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Once launched, there will be only a limited time to get involved.

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What is “Kickstarter”? A method of “crowd-funding” that has successfully
launched many companies without the need for professional investors.

We view it as “family-funding” because you the families will become personally involved.
We would much rather answer to the families of autism than to a professional money person.

Video from our summer RV tour

We traveled the country by RV this summer, and our founder and CEO, Dr. Ned T. Sahin,
personally visited with families from many states such as Tennessee and West Virginia.
This video tells part of the story of just one of our visits – in Missouri.

Via our Kickstarter, you can:

  • Pre-order the Brain Power System (with Google Glass) before anyone else
  • Benefact/sponsor a family or school
  • Have unique experiences such as private dinners with celebrated authors or researchers
  • Get private tours of Harvard Medical School and the like, or a weekend with the Brain Power team
  • Get invited to the design sessions to help shape our software
  • Get connected with families touched by autism all around the country, and world.

    Another RV Tour visit – in Plymouth, MA.

    Video – One of our beta testers does a school project on Glass and Autism.
    Personally tutored by CEO, Dr. Ned Sahin.

    Brain Power Overview and Presentation

    This video is of our founder, Dr. Ned T. Sahin, giving a talk about our technology — one of several keynote lectures he has given at Google.

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