by Ned T. Sahin and John Bowler.

Welcome, fellow Glass Explorer!

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Paint My World is glassware that enhances your world and lets you share snapshots – just for fun:

Snapshots of the MA statehouse taken from within PaintMyWorld while flipping through the Paint modes.


Oh, and then there is the John Malkovich mode, which turns everyone facing you into Malkovich!
(This will make more sense if you saw the movie).


Paint My World is not just about the snapshots you can take, but the real-time video experience. You can get some sense from this screencast recording, taken while I was coding it:


Also, check out this video – a cool one from San Francisco:


Apply here for the beta program.



Why might you want PaintMyWorld?

Without PaintMyWorld, Google Glass lets you take a picture or video of the world, how you would naturally see it, and store it so you can experience it later.

With Paint My World you get the experience now: viewing the world in real time, and in a way that you could never otherwise see it — re•painted.

It is simple, whimsical fun; and immediate gratification! 🙂



Why did we make PaintMyWorld?

We are a team of neuroscientists, neurologists, coders, engineers, educators, and others, making brain-based educational and wellbeing software for Google Glass. We needed to gain access to the Glass camera and determine if we could process the low-level camera data, as part of a larger project.

In early fall, 2013, John wrote the core code: to grab the low-level video stream and transform into a cartoon using some cool libraries. This was purely for internal purposes, as a proof-of-concept demo. Interestingly, however, everyone on the team who tried it thought it was really cool, and really fun.

Then we tried it on others. Same thing – other Glass users (and eve Glass Guides) thought it was fun. Ned got the idea to turn it into actual Glassware when more explorers kept asking for a copy of our little demo. It seemed like a nice way to share something with the Glass community sooner than later, while we at Brain Power continue work on our longer-term neuro-assistive tools.

So, Ned coded a bunch more paint modes, John wrestled with and solved some key challenges in the code, and then John and Ned worked on some other features … and Paint My World was born! Then we sat on it for a few months while Brain Power concentrated on the larger projects. Finally, we want to release it!

Beta: to make it really fun for everyone, we are inviting a few explorers to be beta testers. We will count on you to find the bugs, and to suggest new features.



Why else might you want PaintMyWorld?

Paint My World is something fun to do with Glass, to pass the time.

Paint My World is also something fun to show, when you pass the Glass!

We find that when people see Glass they often want to try it on, but they don’t know what to do with it or how to use it; and the texts and photos you have on there can be kind of personal. Sometimes, if you tell them to ask Google something or get directions they don’t know what to ask and just freeze up and get a bit embarrased. Sometimes, network connectivity is down and most features don’t work. Therefore, for an instant demo of Glass, just launch Paint My World and give it to your new friend that way: there is a good chance that (s)he will immediately smile and say “That’s SO cool!”. Feels nice to get that reaction. And it is good for Glass, too.

Go ahead, try it!

(Apply for the beta.)



Some more examples: these were series of images taken on the train and on the street. When I uploaded them, Google worked its “auto-awesome” magic…

note: to learn to make your own auto-awesome like animated GIFs, with free software, see Antonio Herrera’s tutorial.






Get Your Copy!

Thanks for your interest! Apply here for a free beta APK of Paint My World (PMW):


•  Do you know how to “sideload” an app (APK) on Glass?    Yes Need Some Help

•  Do you agree to give us feedback periodically via a webform?    Yes No

•  Will you share some PMW pics you like on G+ and/or Facebook?    Yes No

•  Do you confirm that you know PMW is in beta, will have bugs, can overheat your Glass, will be tracked (e.g. Google Analytics), can be distracting, is being respectfully offered by a member of your community, should not be copied or reversed, and will have udpates at random?    Yes No