We believe in the power of a well-chosen group, aligned toward a well-defined goal. Also, our mission cuts across multiple types of expertise. We are proud to take guidance from the proven experts on our several Boards.

    Our offerings are deeply rooted in science. Our Scientific Advisory Board of top scientists helps keep us current with the latest neuroscience and autism-related findings, and will help supervise fundamental-science research projects and publications.


    Though our goal is transformative positive change, only sound business practices will sustain our staff and allow us to reach that goal. Our Busines and Strategy Board helps keep our feet on the ground, in best practices, while we keep our eyes on the sky.


    Nothing can replace the insight, or dedication, of autism parents! We count on our carefully chosen and zealous Parents Board members for their honest guidance as to what will truly help their (and others') children.


    Our technologies provide cognitive enhancement. We target urgent need, but naturally want to help all. It is never too early to be proactive: our Ethics Board keeps internal discussions grounded in our desire neither to be nor allow evil.


    The • BRAINFOREST • is a fun and lively conversation. We meet when and where we can, sometimes virutally, and play in a field of stimulating ideas - always about tapping into the power of the brain. The company's new directions can be born here.

Note: Some Boards have a remaining opening. Apply to be considered — ceo@brain-power.com