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The evening before Thanksgiving, Nov 26th, 2014, Boston’s CBS TV (WBZ TV 4) aired an exclusive
on Brain Power, LLC, and our Empowered Brain ™ Suite for autism on Google Glass.

CBS Main Coverage

CBS Trailer

NBC TV – WBIR Tennesse. July 24, 2015


Press Highlights:

The Boston Globe 03/16/2015 Can an app for Google Glass offer a path out of autism?
Wired 02/08/2015 Sorry, But Google Glass Isn’t Anywhere Close to Dead
TechCrunch 12/23/2014 Startup Brain Power Uses Google Glass To Develop Apps For Kids With Autism
CBS News 11/26/2014 Local Entrepreneur-Scientist Develops Google Glass Program For Kids With Autism



Featured in:

The Huffington Post 03/04/2015 Autism, It’s a Hot Focus for Tech
The Economic Times 12/26/2014 Google Glass app to help autistic children
United Nations 09/26/2014 How Wearable Technology Could Benefit Individuals with Autism
Autism Speaks 12/01/2014 Scientist to Begin Beta Testing Google Glass Autism Apps Next Year
Google Glass Journal 09/24/2014 Autism: Decoding Emotions Through Glass
MedTech Boston 12/29/2014 Empowered Brain: A Google Glass-Based Solution For Autism
MIT Sloan School of Management 12/10/2014 Through Healthcare Lab, students working with Google Glass autism startup
Yahoo! India Technostorm 12/26/2014 Google Glass app to help autistic kids
Autism Daily Newscast 12/01/2014 Cambridge scientist develops Google Glass program for children with autism
First Pacific Leadership Academy 11/14/2014 Unlocking the Power of the Mind through Google Glass
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative 03/20/2015 SFARI Spotted: app approach
The Times of India 12/27/2014 Now, apps to help autistic kids learn social skills
MSN 12/27/2014 A new Google Glass app that can help autistic kids learn social, communication skills


Select International Press:

Tekno Kompass

09-02-2015 “Bisa Bantu Anak Autis, Google Glass Jangan Punah”
Delhi Daily News

09-02-2015 Why you can’t write off Google Glass yet

09-02-2015 Google Glass 已经失败?似乎言之过早
Autism Society Philippines

22-11-2014 The Rise of Autism Tech

10-02-2015 称Google Glass已经失败似乎言之过早
Tom’s Guide

10-02-2015 Non, les Google Glass ne sont pas mortes

20-01-2015 Empresa utiliza Google Glass para ajudar no tratamento de crianças autistas
The Free Press Journal

28-12-2014 Now, Google Glass apps for kids with autism
News Tonight Africa

28-12-2014 New Google Glass apps to help kids with autism
Go Glasses

28-12-2014 Des applications Google Glass pour aider les enfants autistes à communiquer

17-03-2015 Socializzare con google glass
Diario De Emprendedores

12-01-2015 Desarrolla aplicaciones para ayudar a niños con autismo inspiradas en Brain Power
Inovasi Pintar

02-01-2015 Kacamata ini Dapat Meningkatkan Daya Komunikasi Penderita Autisme
Digital Hayat

27-12-2014 Otizmli çocuklar için Google Glass uygulamasi
HK Silicon

09-02-2015 Google Glass 已經失敗?似乎言之過早
Mission Mobile

11-03-2015 Google Glass ist tot.. Es lebe Google Glass!
Khaleej Times

28-12-2014 Google Glass app to help autistic kids



Quotes / Excerpts from Select Articles

“An ambitious startup building Glass software to help autistic children learn some of the skills they need to interact with those around them.”

“I think those glasses make me smarter.” “I think I am breaking out of an autism prison!” – (quoting Sean, age 11, who tried on Brain Power’s system)
The Boston Globe   

“Even children who have sensory overload issues, something commonly encountered in autism, have found they can tolerate wearing Google Glass — indeed are often excited to do so.”

“…Could be a game changer for people on the spectrum all over the world.”

“Futuristic technology [that] can measure the symptoms of autism objectively and help coach children on the spectrum toward self-sufficiency.”
The Huffington Post   

“…Encourages kids to interact with their parents and make eye contact by presenting exercises like a game.”
The Economic Times   

“Through technology, we can rewrite the future of autism and bring hope to families around the world.”
United Nations & Autism Speaks, quoting Ned Sahin   

“We need to help children get beyond the challenges and learn to be self-sufficient.”
Autism Speaks   

“The team is fortified by a group of MIT-trained software and hardware engineers.”
Google Glass Journal   

“Like most kids on the autism spectrum, he loves technology, so he loved the experience – Zuleka Queen-King”
MedTech Boston   

“To just sit with Ned for a week and see him run a business day-to-day has really been beneficial,” Burt said. “It’s something five years from now I’ll be thinking about when I’m managing a team.”
MIT Sloan School of Management   

“Brain Power’s software helps kids interpret their family members’ expressions through a series of games and exercises.”

“…A program that aids children with autism identify the mood of the people they are interacting with by coaching them how the people are feeling.”
Autism Daily Newscast   

“[Brain Power] are designing tools to coach children… to make eye contact, increase connection to those around them, and unleash the potential of their brain”
Simons Foundation Autism Research Institute   

“…Google Glass has an advantage because it keeps children with autism connected to their families and the real world.”


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