Special Announcement: Our Newest Artificial Intelligence Tools for Schools and Classrooms


Bring your school into the future; Empower learners and teachers alike.

Developed by scientists from Harvard and MIT

Based in confidential partnership with machine-learning and artificial intelligence groups at Amazon

Reuters TV coverage of our newest products, being used in the classroom. Would they work in your classroom? Do your students/classmates sometimes struggle to pay attention or learn? Would you like to be (in) one of the forward-thinking schools to get in on this newest technology first? Please sign up below and we will contact you.

Tools and Benefits

  • Social-Emotion Learning tools inside a wearable computer
  • One of our offerings, Empowered Brain™ for Schools, is a heads-up, gamified learning platform for students on IEPs, to help them learn social-emotional skills. Clinically validated and in use in Massachusetts schools, this offering can empower your learners to advance socially and then be able to focus more on academics.

  • Increase attention and focus for the whole classroom
  • Another of our offerings, LearningEye™, empowers both the learner and the teacher, giving data and helpful hints never before possible. It is like a “Big Sister”, as we like to say: watching you but always there to lend a helping hand and transparently notify you when it detects you are paying little attention, or when your students could be engaged more.

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