Keynote Lecture at Google:
“Wearables in Healthcare” Annual Event, organized by Medstro

Keynote lecture explaining how Brain Power‘s software tools transform wearable computers to help children with autism learn life skills crucial to self-sufficiency. During the keynote, Dr. Ned T. Sahin reveals and demonstrates a new tool for the first time.
This was Dr. Sahin’s 3rd keynote and 8th talk invited by Google,
amongst two dozen public talks since founding Brain Power ~1.5 years ago.

Opening lines of the talk: “Brain Power’s tools help people with autism along their personal and unique journey toward self-sufficiency, and beyond, and give their parents structured, numerical, and objective reports on how those children are doing, toward their own personalized goals. Our software is based in cutting-edge brain science from Harvard and MIT, and runs on modern wearables like Google Glass…”.

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What parents are saying…

“The complexity and differences in ability and skills from one person to the next requires the intervention of technologies that allow for the flexibility and uniqueness of each individual. Thank you for championing the needs of each individual and finding a way to support their continued growth in skills and learning.” — Tempe, Arizona

“This is the best hope ever to improve my son’s life.” — Stoneham, Massachusetts

“I am incredibly impressed. I think I am most impressed with how it encourages interaction, by allowing the user to look up and make eye contact while using the program on Google glass. The ability to have immediate feedback on reading emotion will be invaluable to ASD children. Also, for children like my daughter, who are technology driven, this is ideal, because it provide highly desired reward for a desired action. That’s a win-win!! Keep up the amazing work!” — Portsmouth,NH

“This tool seems to be exactly what my daughter needs.” — Nashua, NH

“I am a dad who believes strongly that autism can be unlocked . I have the sweetest 9 year old , and your application could help him to reach far beyond his potential.” — Lucasville, Nova Scotia

“Your service would bring peace, smiles, and happiness at our home. Our dreams of our daughter leading a colorful life will come true.” — Thousand Oaks, California

The keynote had two videos embedded, which are linked below to watch individually.
Video #1: Several children with autism enjoying our software.

“I have never seen Jack’s eye gaze be as intense and focused as they have been wearing those glasses, in his entire 18 years of life.” — Jack’s mom.

Video #2: A quick Brain Power intro and live demo of one tool.

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About our founder:


Dr. Sahin is a neuroscientist and neurotechnology entrepreneur. He holds degrees in neuroscience from Williams College (BA), MIT (Master’s), and Harvard (PhD), and completed post-doctoral fellowships at UCSD Medical School and the Salk Institute in San Diego. His academic work has been published in journals such as Science and Nature Neuroscience, and he has been invited and presented his research in dozens of cities across twelve countries.
   He also worked at Bell Labs and in startups and mid-sized companies, in Boston, San Diego, London and Dublin; and has been the Principal Investigator for five government contracts for wearable brain monitoring systems to assess and modulate cognitive states. Dr. Sahin founded Brain Power, LLC to bring neuroscience ideas and technological innovations to people who can directly benefit from them.
  Dr. Sahin is a hands-on leader of the growing Brain Power team, actively participating in coding software, as well as designing and producing hardware add-ons for Google Glass — to unlock the power of this nascent wearable platform to use it as a neuro-assistive device that in turn can unlock the power of your brain.     Contact directly at:

Ned Sahin

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Brain Power - Children with Autism comfortably wearing Google Glass and using Brain Power's software. Ned Sahin.

Children with Autism wearing Google Glass and happily using Brain Power’s software.

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