What parents are saying…

“Thank you so much for seeing the potential in people with ASD – not just a ‘disability‘. They have so much to give and just need a way to open the doors in their mind to unlock it in a way that’s relevant to them and to the ‘neuro-typical’ world around them.” — Biloxi, MS

“The marriage of Google Glass and your software has the power to bridge our world with the autistic’s world, to synthesize learning, therapy, personal safety and diagnostic tools, creating opportunities for growth and understanding that you may not even realize yet. Tremendously excited and hopeful for individuals and families living with Autism. Thank you for investing your efforts on this.” — Needham, MA

“This is fabulous, to be able to communicate so efficiently without taking the time to explain what my facial expression means. The simplicity and instantaneous feedback to the child really capture each learning opportunity in real time before a child loses interest.” — Loxahatchee, FL

“I just wanted to thank you again for coming down today. Your visit made quite an impression on kids and adults alike. Thank you so much again for all that you do.” — Plymouth, MA

“We are excited to see this product… I think that a product like this could truly be revolutionary in preparing children to be able to navigate society.” — Florida

“My son is so close to being able to function independently, this might give him the social cues he requires to navigate people and work.” — New York City, NY

“This is the best hope ever to improve my son’s life.” — Stoneham, MA

“Our family is so taken by the incredible kindness and understanding of you and your entire team – you really are quite a remarkable group and the dedication and passion that you all demonstrate both personally and professionally is so impactful. My dad, who is a pediatrician, and was watching the live stream of the event from home last night, remarked that you have a clinical understanding of autism that most physicians do not possess.” — Massachusetts

“Coming across your company today provided us with some rekindled hope that we were really needing […] We would like to thank you for working in this important arena of autism.” — San Diego, CA

“The complexity and differences in ability and skills from one person to the next requires the intervention of technologies that allow for the flexibility and uniqueness of each individual. Thank you for championing the needs of each individual and finding a way to support their continued growth in skills and learning.” — Tempe, AZ

“This is exactly what we were looking for, to collect big data and analyze… Thanks for starting up in the right direction!” — India

“Your benevolent assistance is making a difference in the lives of those on the spectrum.” — Austin, TX

“I am very interested in seeing if this would encourage my son in engaging with us more often in conversation […] Because he’s so easily distracted but drawn to animation this may give him the boost for interaction he requires. This also interests me as it reminds me of some of Dr. Doidge’s research on neuroplasticity. Fantastic research I love that it brings the persons focus to others faces!” — Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada

“This is a huge step for children with autism, and I really hope that Brain Power will be able to help these kids (like my younger brother) realize their full potential!” — Seoul, South Korea

“This tool seems to be exactly what my daughter needs.” — Nashua, NH

“I am incredibly impressed. I think I am most impressed with how it encourages interaction, by allowing the user to look up and make eye contact while using the program on Google Glass. The ability to have immediate feedback on reading emotion will be invaluable to ASD children. Also, for children like my daughter, who are technology driven, this is ideal, because it provide highly desired reward for a desired action. That’s a win-win!! Keep up the amazing work!” — Portsmouth, NH

“I am a dad who believes strongly that autism can be unlocked. I have the sweetest 9 year old, and your application could help him to reach far beyond his potential.” — Lucasville, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Your service would bring peace, smiles, and happiness at our home. Our dreams of our daughter leading a colorful life will come true.” — Thousand Oaks, CA

“There is so much hope for our children with Autism. I am grateful that Brain Power sees the opportunities for individuals with Autism. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ our children can become successful, it’s a matter of ‘how’. Brain power is helping with that and I am so excited about this technology and what it could do for my son with autism.!” — Penfield, NY

“I commend any attempts to unlock the secrets of autism. May wonderful people like yourselves continue to come up worth brilliant ideas that may change the quality of lives of so many individuals with autism and their families.” — New York City, NY

“My son’s struggle is ultimately taking what he learns in his social skills and speech therepy classes and using them in real world situations. This program would teach him in the moment and would be so impactful to his progress and developmental growth.” — Portland, OR

“I have often said that I wish Xbox had other learning tools other than shooting the bad guys and zombies […] This is so exciting for the autism community. It gives so many parents hope. You guys are awesome!!!” — Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

“I think it is wonderful that you are developing tools for individuals, like my son, on the spectrum to live more full lives and gain the independence that we all desire. Looking forward to the future!” — Ohio

“I just recently found out that my 6 year old autistic cousin is now addicted to his new iPad. It really allows him to demonstrate the intelligence we know is there but don’t see in his normal behavior […] I’m a huge believer in the potential here.” — Denver, CO

“My wife and I saw this article this morning, and we both dropped everything. This sounds like something that our son would love and that would allow him to thrive […] Thank you for doing this service.” — New York City, NY