Brain Power is working with the US Government to adapt Google Glass to help diagnose and categorize traumatic brain injury (TBI) in our veterans and wounded warriors, and to help them recover from their injuries.

In line with our mission to apply our innovations to the most pressing brain-related problems facing the human condition, a separate division of Brain Power is addressing traumatic brain injury (TBI), the signature injury of our time. We are working under two government contracts to adapt Google Glass to detect and rate the severity of traumatic brain injuries immediately after they happen, and then to help the injured person recover and to quantify that recovery.

• The Government is quite excited that we will be able to use Google Glass (which has many other benefits as well), to help with the brain health of our veterans and wounded warriors.

• We take this challenge particularly seriously because we realize how prevalent and tragic TBI can be. TBI is the signature injury of our times. This is especially true and tragic for our women and men in uniform; and of course it extends to professional sports(wo)men and others.

• With backing and funding by the US Government, in collaboration with our strategic partner (TIAX, LLC), we are developing cutting-edge software and hardware tools for Google Glass and future wearable technologies.

• These tools will allow healthcare professionals and even injured people themselves to categorize and characterize injuries to the brain immediately after they happen. Also, they will allow injured people to self-administer brain-based training programs and periodic re-assessments of their ongoing progress, including from the privacy of their homes.


TBI is complex.

• First of all, it is a broad category (imagine if “body injury” were considered one thing).

• The effects of a TBI may not show up until months and years later (sometimes with unknowable and inter-dependent links to one or more injuries).

• The effects are very unpredictable: two people standing next to each other may experience the same event (for instance, an explosion), and one ends up walking it off just fine, while the other is profoundly disabled and degrades horribly over months and years.

• It can come down to something as simple as which way they were looking when a bomb went off! A sideways blast can cause a terrible twisting motion of the head that shears the core of the brain.

• The relative severity can relate to the subtleties of injury to ‘cables’ of tissue deep in the brain known as “white matter”.

• Finally, even “gold standard” techniques like MRI sometimes reveal vague results that cannot clearly be linked to the physical injury, nor to the eventual symptoms and deficits… We still have so much to discover. Thank you for your support in the quest.


Socially and societally, there are unique challengesto TBI:

• On the one hand the *effects* of the injuries strike to the core of the human being (mind, personality, communication, awareness, self-sufficiency).

• On the other hand, the *signs* of the injuries are not usually visible.

• There are often no scars or surface wounds to signal to family and friends that something has drastically changed with their loved one.

• While a visibly damaged or ambutated limb affords a person a certain extra care and accommodation automatically, nothing warns or foretells .

• Thank you for your support in helping us help those living with invisible injuries.

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Sports and Other Head Injuries

In addition to assisting veterans and wounded warriors, and their families, we are in talks with professional sports teams. Brain Power aims to restore and maximize the power of the brains of the tragically large numbers of people with brain injuries.

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